An introduction, and a peek at PEPS

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Remy and Barrett, 27 June, at a PEPS meeting at Manito Park. Their similar outfits are just a coincidence!
Two little buddies, 27 June, at a PEPS meeting at Manito Park. Their similar outfits are just a coincidence! Photo by Lindsay.

I started in PEPS (Program for Early Parenting Support, for infants up to ten months old) in January of this year, when my son, Remy, was two months old. There were two other baby boys in the group then, but by the time August rolled around, our group had grown to five little boys and two girls.

Each week, we discussed what was new with our babies and any problems that we were having. Of course, sleep was a pretty popular topic for quite a while, but eventually (finally!) the conversations moved to what everyone was eating–when we could move on from steamed zucchini to crackers and why yogurt was ok but milk was not. (PEPS has served as quite the brain trust.) We also sang a lot of songs–Teacher Gail made me do a solo on our first day, which I’m sure was memorable for everyone–and recited nursery rhymes.

PEPS made what could have been a cold, lonely winter into one with friends. Gail passed out articles on child development with us about every other week, and we did activities like making Valentines with our babies’ foot- and handprints, bringing our favorite books, and playing with the parachute. We celebrated every tiny milestone, from Henry saying ‘Daddy’ on his very first Fathers Day to Davis’s going to the beach and Barrett swimming underwater. One day, Davis popped up onto his knees to crawl for the first time, and Remy did it the exact same way the very next day–he must have learned from Davis’s example! It was so remarkable to see how the boys changed–now they’re piling on each other, trying to ride each other like horses, and charging after the best toys.

Now the babies have grown up and are official members of the co-op! I’ll be writing posts every month or so about what we’ve been up to.


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