Day one

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Harper and Remy on the first day of the co-op.
Two new friends on the first day of the co-op. This doorway is a very popular spot in our classroom, especially with the littlest kids. Unless otherwise noted, photos are by Ariane Smith.

Our first day of co-op was pretty fun. To start, we all sat on the carpet and introduced ourselves, then sang songs like “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Next was either some play time or an activity (the activity involved sitting at a table and using paint–too much for a ten month old–so my son played with the fantastic front door shown here). There are three little ones around twelve months old, plus six other kids whose ages range from two to four. Our day has mostly moms, but one grandma comes every other week, and there are dads who come on other days.

The two little PEPS kiddos were able to sit in the little chairs and have most of the snack with their new buddies. Remy’s not the neatest drinker, but it’s good experience for him to be around big kids and see how they behaved.

The second half of our class was in the romper room! The kids raced around, jumping on the inner tube, crawling through a tunnel, and climbing up the ladder for the slide.

At the end of our time, we sang the good-bye song and high-fived Teacher Gail. My son fell asleep in the car within about thirty seconds–an amazing, stimulating morning had worn him out!


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