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My Picures 8_ 009
One of the boys in the parachute.
Photo by Gail Lampert.

Each month, co-op members receive a calendar that notes each week’s theme (this coming week’s is wearing red or green; last week’s was bringing a holiday decoration to show) and assigns us all different tasks, like getting the classroom set up for the day, planning activities for toddlers and preschool-age kids, bringing a snack for everyone, and cleaning up at the end of our class. Last week, I was in charge of the toddler activity. In PEPS we had played with the parachute a couple of times, so I checked with Gail to see if we could do that again. It was really fun! The kids took turns sitting on it while the rest of us shook the fabric around them, and we raised it up over our heads and they all scrambled under as it floated back down. Finally, the kids took turns laying in the parachute while we popped it up and down, and that was a big hit! Remy took two turns, and by the time he was done, his hair was standing on end from the static.

Some of the other activities that we’ve done include playing in the water table (Gail has plastic smocks to help with the mess!), making art with colorful leaves, and singing songs. Everyone’s favorite seems to be going in the romper room, which has two slides, a big inner tube to jump on, a tunnel to crawl through, and some trucks to push around.


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