A seminar: Kent Hoffman live!

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We usually have a seminar the same night as our business meeting, but this month, all of the co-ops in the city had one big meeting at Spokane Community College. (SCC is in charge of all of the co-ops. Parents pay a fee to them each quarter.) Kent Hoffman was the speaker, and he was magnificent! I’d already learned the general idea of his theory–called the Circle of Security–from Teacher Gail last year, but his ninety-minute presentation was very beneficial and inspiring. (For more information on Circle of Security, see here and here.) I left the talk last night thinking hard about how I can be a better parent and looking forward to reading his book, The Circle of Security Intervention: Enhancing Attachment in Early Parent-Child Relationships. I foresee coming back to it often, to remind myself of the goal of creating a well-rounded attachment with my son.

As I mentioned, every month we have a seminar, some kind of parenting-related topic. So far, ours have included green cleaning methods, First Aid, and how to plan ahead to pay for college. To be honest, I thought I would dread these meetings, but the discussions have been thought-provoking and it is actually fun to get together with the parents who go on different days. (Also, there are always really, really good brownies. I don’t know if it is the same person who brings them every time, or if we are just lucky to have many excellent brownie-bakers in our group. But it’s a great enticement, for me, anyway.)


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