(Update: This post was from 2013–2014, so please see our Fees page for current fees.)

I mentioned in my last post that we pay a fee to Spokane Community College each quarter, so I figured I might as well detail the cost of being a member of the co-op.

There are two fees that are only due once a year: a $35 registration fee, due at the time of enrollment, and a contribution to the Jean Payne Scholarship, which is $12.50. (Scholarships are available through the college and through co-op. Guidelines and applications are available from the treasurer or facilitator.)

Spokane Community College credits
If one parent participates, the cost is 3 credits. At $16 a credit, it equals $48 per quarter. (Co-op is active three quarters a year–we take the summer off.) If there are two parents participating, it is 4 credits, so $64 per quarter. We also have to fill out an application to SCC each quarter.

The co-op tuition breakdown is a little complicated, but our treasurer, Lisa, sends each of us a statement each month that reminds us of our amount due and the deadline for payment, which makes it much easier to keep track of!

Family Day Tuition
One child, one day a week: $45/month per child (or $135/quarter)
Siblings (10 months to 5 years): $32/month per child ($96/quarter)
Infants (up to 10 months): $11.00/month ($33/quarter)

Preschool 3s/4s Tuition
One child, two days a week: $65.00/month per child ($195/quarter)
Siblings (preschool age), two days a week: $57.00/month per child ($175/quarter)

Pre-K Tuition
One child, three days a week: $85/month per child ($255/quarter)
Siblings (PreK age), three days a week: $77/month per child ($231/quarter)

I’ll do another post later on about our fundraising endeavors, which also help us to cover our expenses.


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