Fun with Slime

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Last week we made slime for a sensory play activity. The kids had fun stretching it, smashing it together, making shapes, and making hand prints. They each had their own ideas of what to do with the slime.

And it’s really easy to make! A quick Google search will provide plenty of recipes, but we combined a 1/2 cup water with a 1/2 cup liquid glue, mixing it well. To that we added some gel food coloring and glitter. In a second bowl we measured a 1/2 cup liquid starch and slowly mixed the glue/water mixture into the liquid starch, kneading it with our hands for a bit to make sure it was thoroughly combined. We had the adults do all of the measuring and mixing with this recipe. It keeps in an airtight container for a few days, so the kids took some home to continue the creativity!