Fees & Schedule

Registration Fee: $55 for registration is due once a year at the time of enrollment. This holds your space for enrollment, covers insurance, and contributes to Community Colleges of Spokane fees as well as the Jean Payne Scholarship Fund that serves families in need of tuition assistance.

Monthly Fee: Co-op Tuition 2022-2023

1 child$50
2 children$75
Infant Sibling (up to 9 months)$5 / month

Quarterly fees: Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) Credits and Tuition

3 credits $54 / qtr Families enroll for 3 credits if they are enrolling one child one day per week
4 credits$72 / qtr.Families enroll for 4 credits if any of the following apply:
– Two adults will be participating
– Two or more children over 10 months in a family are enrolled

Financial Assistance Available
Scholarships are available through Community Colleges of Spokane and through Co-op. Please reach out for with questions


Fall Quarter: September 19, 2022-December 09, 2022

Winter Quarter: December 12, 2022-March 17, 2023

Spring Quarter: March 20,2023- June 02, 2023

Questions? Please email us at coopsouthspokane@gmail.com.