Registration is open for 2018-2019 school year as long as we have spaces available in our classes. For next fall, 2019-2020 Registration will begin in May.

How to Enroll
1. Explore our website and read the Parent Handbook 2018-2019.
2. Contact us via e-mail ( and set up an appointment to visit the class.
3. Fill out an SSCP Registration Form 2018-2019 and pay the Registration Fee of $55. Submit both to the Parent Enrollment Coordinator or Facilitator. The form can now be completed on your computer and submitted to the Co-op Board Email Address!

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year if space becomes available. We encourage interested families to contact us for more information. We can schedule a visit that will allow you to see our classes, meet the parents and facilitator, and see the program in action.

Forms and Program Information

SSCP Registration Form 2018-2019

SSCP Parent Handbook 2018-2019

Parent Agreement SSCP