Registration is open for 2020-2021 school year as long as we have spaces available in our classes. For next fall, 2021-2022 Registration will begin in May.

How to Enroll
1. Explore our website and read the Parent Handbook 2019-2020. We will be releasing the 2020-2021 Parenting Handbook soon.
2. Contact us via e-mail ( and set up an appointment to visit the class (or attend an Open House during the Summer months).
3. Fill out an SSCP Registration Form 2020-2021 and pay the Registration Fee of $55. Submit both to the Board Facilitator listed at the bottom of the form. The form can now be completed on your computer and submitted to the Co-op Board Email Address!

Due to the ever changing situation with COVID-19, we are allowing families to register without the non-refundable registration fee. Please submit a Registration Form in order to hold your spot and bring the registration fee to the September 1st Orientation. We cannot hold your spot without a Registration Form. If you would like, you are still welcome to submit the Form and Fee at this time. If your situation changes and you choose to not participate in next year we ask that you tell us as soon as possible so we can open up your spot to another child.

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year if space becomes available. We encourage interested families to contact us for more information. We can schedule a visit that will allow you to see our classes, meet the parents and facilitator, and see the program in action.

Forms and Program Information

SSCP Registration Form 2020-2021

SSCP Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Parent Agreement SSCP